Films in Motion, an EU Film Producer was established for the sole purpose

of producing dramatic films with Award Winning Directors, Actors and Crews.

We also welcome Co-Producers who have our vision and understanding in

creating human emotional stories for the int'l screen.

Lola Award Winner Departures Film - German Producer on the Move

Producing THE FACE with FIM

FIM producing "Life Through A Dead Man's Eyes" with Hupe Film, GmbH & NL Film/TV, Amsterdam

Der Filmverleih. GmbH, German Theatrical distributor

MOREFILMS GmbH exclusive International Representative for "Life Through A Dead Man's Eyes"

                            "Bones of the Wise Men"

Al Dio Ignoto - To The Unknown God now streaming over CHILI

in Italy, Austria, Germany, UK & Poland



The World At War - Carl Davis
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