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An eyewitness true Life experience set in Post World War II Germany. Screenplay by J. Frank James is being
directed by multiple award-winning Director Markus Imboden. The story examines the fragile fabric of personal
identity. For Jacob, identity was obliterated by a horrendous choice he was forced to make in a Nazi extermination camp. For Catholic Priest Father Erlich, identity was stolen. For Helga, it was surrendered. For Von Krale and his wife Nora it was malignant. For all, in Spring 1945, in a remote German village, a war-scouraged church became a battleground in which the identities of the community's entire population would be exposed, tested, and transformed by a transcendental creative experience.
Ludwig Trepte                 Jacob
Silke Bodenbender            Nora Von Kral
Karoline Eichhorn             Helga
Produced by: Films in Motion, Berlin; Departures Film, Leipzig.
                        Start Date -  Late 2019
                World Rights - Global Screen